“Village Mercy’s Addictions Counseling Ministry – South Africa”

Village Mercy Men's Group
Village Mercy Addictions Counseling Ministry – Men’s Group

Village Mercy’s Biblical Addictions Counseling Ministry is located near the heavily populated cities of Johannesburg and Pretoria South Africa.

According to Google’s recent combined population numbers, these two large cities are ~8 million inhabitants. That doesn’t include all the townships outside of these cities.

Along with these two very large metropolitan cities, South Africa is a country with an enormous illicit drug addiction problem, and we at Village Mercy are reaching out and offering hope to the folks who need and want this help.

“. . . This problem [illicit drug addiction] has been identified by the National Drug Master Plan, as a fuel for crime, poverty, reduced productivity, unemployment, dysfunctional family life, political instability the escalation of chronic diseases, such as AIDS and TB, injury and premature death. . . .

In the 1960s and 1970s, the widespread abuse of psychotropic substances emerged in South Africa. Globalization has facilitated the introduction of potent addictive drugs such as heroin, cocaine and ecstasy in South Africa. . . .”

(Illicit Drug Use and Treatment in South Africa – https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3010753/)

Village Mercy’s Addictions Counseling Ministry

The Village Mercy Addictions Counseling Ministry program in South Africa is part of The Addictions Connection ministry network of Dr. Mark E. Shaw. The Addiction Connection (TAC) is: “a collective of biblical counselors and ministries united for the purpose of training and equipping the Body of Christ in biblically helping those struggling with addiction and their loved ones.” Thank you Dr. Shaw for your support, training, and recommendation of our ministry here.

Dr. Mark E. Shaw Recommendation Letter for Village Mercy Addictions Counseling Ministry

The Village Mercy Addictions Counseling Ministry seeks to establish long-term partnerships with other like-minded individuals, churches, and ministries who understand and want to support by prayer & finances a Biblical Addictions Counseling Ministry like ours here in South Africa. We also hope to have work teams coming to assist here in South Africa.

See our current Addictions Counseling Ministry housing that we are constructing for Village Mercy.

See below Pastor Alan Lester’s very encouraging recommendation letter and your ‘enthusiastic support’ for Village Mercy. Pastor Lester mentions the significant challenges that a Biblical Addictions Counseling Ministry encounters in South Africa.


“Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

This letter serves to confirm my enthusiastic support of Joshua Brunk [2nd from left in the pic above] and the Village Mercy program. . . .

I understand the magnitude and rarity of such a feat because of my own history in working with young men who were addicts. Through my years of managing such a program I discovered two realities; (1) this is difficult work that is only driven by love for Jesus and the gospel that speaks of him, and (2) few people are willing to support people who give themselves, in dependence on God, to this labour of love. . . .

It is because I have seen the grace of God at work through Village Mercy, under Josh’s directorship, that I would love to see this work supported by others who love Christ and his saving grace in the lives of those who are experiencing ruin and misery. I therefore enthusiastically support Village Mercy and confidently recommend it to you as a viable gospel ministry worthy of hearty support.

Love in Christ,

Alan Lester

Counselling Pastor, Living Hope Church, Pretoria, South Africa”


Thank you Pastor Doug Van Meter for your hearty endorsement and support of our ministry here.

“I am writing with reference to Village Mercy, a ministry here in South Africa under the leadership of Joshua and Mike Brunk. It is a ministry of which I am well familiar, and these are men whom I have known for a long time. I heartily endorse this ministry under their leadership. . . .
Funding for such ministry in South Africa is often hard to come by (I have been pastoring here for 32 years) and hence the need to look elsewhere for assistance. If you are able to assist, I can testify that this ministry is worthy of support and the integrity of its leaders are above reproach.

Doug Van Meter Pastor-teacher Brackenhurst Baptist Church”


Village Mercy’s Addictions Counseling Ministry -near Johannesburg and Pretoria in South Africa.

Village Mercy is a not-for-profit, intensive Biblical-Counselling based discipleship residential program for men that uses a Bible-centered approach to counsel people who are trapped in addictions to find freedom through the knowledge of Jesus Christ.

Enslaved To Addictions? Find Freedom Through Jesus Christ at Village Mercy’s Addictions Counseling Ministry here in South Africa.

Village Mercy stands as a beacon of hope for liberation to all men and their families caught in the grip of this cruel tyrant of addictions.

Lantern Shining in the Darkness