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Evening Prayer and Bible Study

Due to the mandate that we must stay in our homes, we have started a daily Bible Study and prayer group. We meet each day of the week at 1830 to hear a portion of God’s Word, sing some songs, and fellowship in prayer together. Please join us here to worship with us any evening you are available.

African Literature Project

This project is designed to create, edit, and improve African literature. Here, we translate songs, creeds, books, and other forms of literature, and we can create new literature from scratch as well. Please join us here and help us by submitting content to be considered for the project as well as your insights into proper wording in the original and the final languages.

Community Blogs

  • 08 July Daily Devotional Good morning. Martin was doing a bit better yesterday. He has a long way to go to recovery but at least he took a step in the right direction. Let’s continue to pray. Remember Kathy and MamTsimi as well. A couple of others I know have gone for testing. Let’s continue to pray. I have …

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  • 06 July Daily Devotional Good morning. Let’s be praying for the people affected and afflicted by Covid-19. Pray for Kathy and MamTsimi and a man from Brackenhurst. Also, please pray about the land situation and the re-zoning. Pray for Gary and Josh’s business to get back to full capacity. We come to the final two chapters of Genesis and …

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  • 05 July Daily Devotional Good morning. Let’s pray for the service today. Pray for the hearing of the Word and for our worship. Pray for people to be able to get connected and to hear with ears to hear. We’ll look at Ps 16 this morning. I think this is an appropriate psalm for us as we consider the …

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Media Library

Here you will find an ever-growing library of resources. Messages and sermons from various churches and from the Village Mercy Radio Broadcast.

Free Media

We have additional material that we are able to offer for free here. Check it out!

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