African Literature Project


We are working to produce quality, biblical African literature through this project. There are several ways that we are doing this:

    1. The translation of literature into African languages.
    2. The review and revision of existing works.
    3. The creation and review of new works.

Please help in this ministry as you are able. These are the basic things we are looking for:

1) Spelling and grammar in both languages
2) The English translation is not aimed at getting a literal translation as much as getting the general thought. That way someone who is reading in English understands what the song is about.
3) If there are lines that don’t work well in the songs, think of ways to restructure the wording so it fits. Often, these songs have more syllables than notes, and it makes it difficult to sing.
4) Anything that is not theologically or biblically accurate, we want to make sure we remove. Best case scenario is that we change the wording to make it more accurate.

TitleTypeLanguageTranslated Into
Nicene Creed (Isivumokholo saseNicene)CreedEnglishZulu
Bala Izibusiso ZakhoSongZuluEnglish
Badumedi Ba MorenaSongSothoEnglish
Akgelang Thapo Ya EvangediSongSothoEnglish
A Re Lebeng Ho MorenaSongSothoEnglish
Lo Mhlengi Ungubani Na?SongZuluEnglish

Upload Your Suggestions:

Please upload African literature that you would like to be reviewed for inclusion in this project. We will review it and let you know our conclusions. Thank you.


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