The Program Details

The 5 Stages

To assist residents in the process of their transformation, VM has designed a set of 5 stages to help them move from a fully structured and regulated Stage 5 through the process of being reintegrated into society and able to handle the difficulties of life on their own through the principles and habits they have learned in the programme. Each Stage carries its own agreement, and a resident entering Stage 5 is not required to complete any of the subsequent Stages upon completion of Stage 5. The VM leadership will give recommendations and advice to each resident upon completion of each Stage, but it is ultimately up to the resident to decide what he will do upon completion of each Stage.

The following diagram details the length of agreement for each Stage, the general authority structure and accountability provided in each Stage, and the general focus of how family relationships will be rebuilt during each particular Stage:

General Rules and Regulations for all Stages Intake Assessment

In order to be accepted into the VM residential programme, a person must meet two mandatory requirements. The first is a true desire to seek God and His kingdom. The second is a truly repentant heart, which includes the following demonstrations:

  1. They must be in acknowledgement of their sinful lifestyle and have a true willingness to submit to the teachings of Scripture.
  2. They must not be under the influence of drugs/alcohol when they arrive.
  3. They must be willing to submit to a urine analysis test.
  4. They must be willing to read, sign and adhere to all rules and requirements of the program.

The following two documents are the required documents for entering the VM residential programme.

This first one is the rules and schedule, and this must be read through in its entirety. Residents entering the programme will be required to sign this as their contract between themselves and VM as well as their acknowledgement before God that they will recognize that He has placed them under the authority of the programme and its leadership

This second one is a personal inventory of the applicant’s history. This must be filled out and returned to Upon submission of this form, the applicant will be considered for entry into the VM residential house. If there is a waiting list for new residents, one of the primary considerations for new residents will be the order in which this form was submitted.

The cost of the programme

The cost of the Village Mercy residential programme is R4,000 for the first month to help cover administrative fees, and then R1,500/month thereafter. These costs have been calculated to cover the necessary costs of housing the individuals, and Village Mercy (VM) does not make money of these fees.